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  • I was troubleshooting a prototype and shorted this battery. The current cut off instantly. Checked it with a meter and no juice is coming out of the battery, even though it had plenty of power.
    I assume I triggered some safety fuse, but is there any way to reset it or did I just ruin the battery?

  • Does it come with specific tips for lead-free work or can it be used with leaded solder as well?

  • Yep I'll be using the breakout board, but for my PCB design I want to make sure I have it laid out correctly before I send it to a manufacturer for prototyping, I guess I will try hotplating it myself.

  • mindThomas,
    Can you send along the Eagle Library?
    I'd like to take a look at the spaces you used. thanks!

  • Are the alarm thresholds (to have a chip wakeup upon movement) stored in flash or are they lost each time power is lost? The data sheet never really stated this. thanks!

  • Can this be reliably soldered?