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C, PHP, Cold Fusion, SQL, HTML, PLC ladder logic, CPLD Schematic based design & a little HDL, as well as some Assembly. Oh yeah, my favorite, or Processing and anything Arduino!


I have a broad background of education and field work in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology (component level troubleshooting/design and systems). I have experience with both embedded micro-controller and Internet database driven applications.

I am very proficient with proper use of electronic test equipment.


Arduino Open-source hardware and software movement and applying it to everything!


  • The inverter (logical inverter or NOT gate as opposed to a power inverter), that is required depends on how many outputs you are going to use and the logic level. For example, to drive a few 7-segs with this 5V IC, a 7404 Hex inverter will do the job (6 inverters in one 14pin DIP or whatever package ya like). If you plan to use all 64 outputs, that would be 11 7404 ICs with a few gates to spare.
    There may be a better driver out there, but the suggestion of using an Inverter to change a common cathode output to a common anode output, or vice-verse can be an efficient option in digital.

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