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  • Great! So now we can use it?
    I’ve used the library and like it because it has everything in one place, & has certain components that are ambiguous in other libs. But, once I saw the old license, I immediately stopped using it because I knew if I ever wanted to rightfully sell a copy of the board, I would have to go back & fix it (which could screw something else up).
    Really great lib. though!
    Also nice to know a lot is licensed under CC… I felt the same way about some of the boards. (I can use it from reference, but I can’t base anything off it…)

    If you’re getting more than a few, its probably worth the extra shipping to buy from them.
    Sorry SF :(. Still great if you only need a few ;-)

  • I’ve been eying those $1 displays, and they look really exciting. I’m hoping that you guys will carry connectors and a breakout board.

  • Nice barrage of SF components!
    Is there a reason for 3 MOFSETs?

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