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  • Product BOK-11774 | about 10 months ago

    This book has been a great resource for “tribal knowledge” about the components I don’t, or haven’t used often. Volume 2 coming out soon; can’t wait.

  • Product WIG-11125 | about a year ago

    Even has similar pinout.

  • Product WIG-11125 | about a year ago

    The audio is pretty good. Seems the limiting factor will be your speaker.

  • Product WIG-11125 | about a year ago

    First you don’t use a wav file. Convert it to a .ad4 file using one of the few converter programs on the internet. Second, after you hook all that up as you have described and get the .ad4 file on the card you need to momentarily ground the line marked ‘play’ to the circuit ground.

    If it doesn’t play then the most likely culprit is that the sd card you have is incompatible. I had to try 3 before I got one that would work.

    If you put an LED on the busy line to ground you will see if flash once when it gets power. If you ground the play line and it turns on momentarily but no audio plays it is likely the sd card incompatibility issue.

  • Product WIG-11125 | about 2 years ago

    How do you get the installer to work, and what’s up with it needing a driver?

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