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  • hi
    2 weeks age, i bought atomic IMU - 6 Degrees of Freedom - XBee Ready units(i am using UART communication)
    i have a severe problem with this unit, i connect it to computer through serial port
    it is working well when run the Atomic mixer..
    but i want to get the data using matlab or hyper terminal ..
    when i try to get the data using another serial program FTDI's RX light turn off..and it is disconnet..
    i don't know how can i connet using hyper matlab or hyper terminal ..
    also i don't even know what is the meaning of 6DOF "Atomic Setup 1.0" or "Configuration Menu" that is mentioned in
    plz tell me the way...
    thank you..
    (actually i am not native so my writing skill is not good .. sorry..)

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