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  • Is this the same as ? Prices are different...

  • Thank you crwper.
    Your post and some price research on the web solved the mistery.
    This is really the hard to find and discounted 1102C and NOT 1102CML which costs about twice that ammount everywhere.
    I suggest SF correct this fast and sell me one 1102CML at this price.

  • The richest businessman of anywhere does not need to speak a foreign language (does Bill Gates speak french?).
    Your president not speaking a foreign language only shows that he never had to (probably quite rich also).
    It is the foreign language literacy of the middle and lower income people that reflect the average education of a country.
    Guess how China or India currently stand on this matter...

  • So sad the software for Windows 7 64-bit is not available on line. You must call or wait for an email answer to get it.
    Not appropriate for anxious people usually found around here.
    Day after complement: despite sending my email out of business hours I got answered promptly and could try my gadget that same night. Very helpful.

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