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  • For all the people having trouble soldering these together, try this! (My first time was a failure, so I decided to try a new method, and it worked awesome!)
    1) Get something to hold the board, header pins, and xbee. I use helping hands from harbor freight
    2) Put the header pins on the xbee, and orient it into the breakout board however you wish it to be soldered.
    3) Using one of the alligator clips on the helping hands, grab the breakout board and hold it in place parallel to the ground (with the xbee on top!). This way the weight of the xbee is holding the header pins into the breakout board.
    4) Get BELOW the board with your solder gun. Apply a small amount of flux to the pins to get good solder flow. Now, solder the four corners down. You'll want to have a decent tip to solder these properly. Once you have soldered the four corners, remove the xbee and solder the rest of the pins.
    You still will want to use a minimal amount of solder even when doing this. I found it helpful to push against the header pin when I was heating it to solder, and just touching the pad enough to heat it. After you are done, make sure to continuity test and check the solder joints. You can always go back and add more solder.
    Good luck!

  • Would a 12kg/cm servo be powerful enough to turn these things pretty well? building an off road car, not sure where to start (with wheels or motors)

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