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  • Is it possible to use the with the Arduino TVout Library? I have a project I am working on at work and was going to use the Nootropic Design Video Experimenter (http://nootropicdesign.com/ve/) but we are having issues getting them listed as a vendor.

  • Any chance of offering a kit offering 2 Wixels and a shield? I have seen this combo offered a couple other places but would rather buy from you guys.

  • Thanks for the LPT info. I don’t think we have one computer left in our office that has one built in.

  • That is basically what I am trying to do. For me I’m scaling an analog signal to a digital range and displaying that on the screen. I came up with my own code to display these numbers using full character blocks but I am currently looking at SummoningDark’s code (see link above) but I need to convert my own sprites. If I figure it out I’ll let you know.

  • So for future cables fabricated can we get them to be the same as the firmware? Almost second guessed my counting and schematic reading ability with the firmware readout.

  • Thanks, I received my BusPirate and cable today. I will take a look at the tutorial you suggested. Looking to use your firmware - need to setup 10 bigger sprites (0-9). Currently I coded a work around using 5 lines, 3 positions, and an invalid character that displays a filled block to make bigger numbers. It is a bunch of code that I could do without.

  • I downloaded it but I’m not exactly sure how to update this firmware. Just guessing but I bet I don’t have the programmer required for this device.

  • I ordered one of these for a project at work. I’m using the arduino platform and have done a few simple work-around projects with them here at work.
    When writing text to this, how hard is it to change the sizing? I’m wanting a big 4 digit number display with some smaller text below it. Will I have to create the numbers individually with draw functions? Or is there code to make the font larger?

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