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  • That's perfect, I figured it would take some finesse to deliver that large shock, I am building an air start rocket motor and was trying to use a spark plug as the igniter but am having a very hard time of it. Il be keeping an eye out for this one

  • Love the post, one of the all time best! But interestingly enough what REALLY caught my eye was that little spark thing that nobody really knew what it was. Does anyone know what it is or where to get one? Just something that can take a signal from a mc to trigger a substantial spark like that.

  • Hey Everyone, Does anyone know if there is a simple way to have this device automatically account for a non-level startup. IE if the board is started at a 45 degree angle (in my experiance) it assumes that 45 degrees is the zero point, I need the board to account and correct for this. Any ideas?

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