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  • can you point to an example of something like this that does have polarity protection so I can compare the differences in the circuits?

  • I see a schematic but no eagle files for this... would like to update it to use an nRF24AP2-USB instead... anybody have eagles, before I go ahead and do it from scratch?

  • I'm doing a wiring diagram for a prototype with one of these things and its very confusing.
    The markings on the PCB do not match the documentation for the pinouts, and the placement of the connections on the PCB does not correspond to the documentation either.
    Practically, I'm trying to make sense of the pinout on the board as it it described at :

               Arduino      RFM-22  
                GND----------GND-\ (ground in)  
                             SDN-/ (shutdown in)  
                3V3----------VCC   (3.3V in)  

    interrupt 0 pin D2-----------NIRQ (interrupt request out)
    SS pin D10----------NSEL (chip select in)
    SCK pin D13----------SCK (SPI clock in)
    MOSI pin D11----------SDI (SPI Data in)
    MISO pin D12----------SDO (SPI data out)
    are these the mappings on the PCB?
    GPIO0--------?? (assuming unused)
    GPIO1--------?? (assuming unused)
    GPIO2--------?? (assuming unused)
    Specifically I cannot figure out which pinouts correspond to SDN and NSEL. Any help available from someone who has actually wired one of these up?

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