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  • I bought a couple of these as I wanted to hook up the short side to the XBee explorer regulated and the longer side to the breadboard so I did not have to solder the Breakaway headers to XBee explorer. But just can't seem to get them through the pcb of the XBee explorer. The short side don't seem that flexible enough to get through the pcb. Anyone else tried something similar? How is everyone using these headers?

  • To get rid of the big red blocks,you need to connect a Potentiometer to control the contrast(I used 10K from Radio Shack). That should enable you to see the writing on the LCD. The datasheet says it comes with a 10K pot (screw like) on the back, but I'm not sure how you can vary that. It seems kinda fixed. I ended up connecting the screw to the external pot and when I vary the external pot, the red blocks disappear and the text appears clearly in red on a black background. Some help in the data sheet as to how the vary the supposedly 10k Pot on the back would be helpful. Has anyone else found a better way to control contrast without an external pot?

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