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Country: Australia

  • Description says "no external calibration required" yet I get about 10 deg C difference when using my UNO, and my Nano. Any ideas why? .... once I hooked it up to a wallwart it seems to have sorted itself out....I assume it has something to do with power over the USB...odd.

  • Don't know if it matters to any one, but I just picked up one of these and its not as bright green at it looks (at least on my monitor). Works great, has nice clicky feel. But isn't alien slime green.

  • Using this as a base: http://ardx.org/src/circ/CIRC10-code.txt applying degF = (degC * 1.8) + 32, change line 30 to this: temperature = (((temperature - .5) * 100) * 1.8) + 32;

  • Does anyone know where to get caps for these? I want a 8 green ones, but don't want to have to buy 4 packs...

  • Now your talking, and when presenting the winner, the roll should be fished out of a coat pocket and tossed to the recipient.

  • Any idea when your getting any more of these? (Not the SMD versions).

  • The "made in" (as opposed to COO) tags on merchandise is very much a crock. Australian businessman Dick Smith released Dickhead Matches as a parody on the concept. (Apologies to anyone offended by the branding. I find it humorous, but I understand others are more touchy.)

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