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  • Is the Pi3 truly export controlled? There is no mention of this on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website or when buying from other US-based vendors. This wasn't an issue with the Pi2.

  • What are the restrictions for cutting these? From the pictures it seems you can cut them at any length (not limited to sections of three LEDs). Also, the link for the Product Video doesn't work (video was removed).

  • Awesome case, and several orders of magnitude better than that huge red transparent case that came with my Pi. One small nick however: it seems some of them are de-molded rather quickly, so the light pipes can be crooked and not match the LEDs on the Pi: http://i.imgur.com/CqRZBvl.jpg

  • I have to amend my comment about MicroUSB: getting a new cable solved the connection reliability issues, so the Arduino itself is fine.

  • I am not happy with the MicroUSB on mine. On its first use I already had to put some downward pressure on the cable otherwise the board spuriously disconnects/resets because of the unreliable connection. Now, I only have one MicroUSB cable on hand (as opposed to a ton of MiniUSB), so it is possible that my cable is defective or out of spec. I would have strongly preferred MiniUSB or even USB-B like the older Arduinos!

    Also, no signed driver for Win7 x64? Ouch. :(

  • I just ordered mine, it's OEM. No clamshell retail packaging here.

  • My understanding is that they are all copies of the Bantam BC6 (the original "4-button charger"), in a different form-factor. I've had an iMax B6 for more than 2 years and it's been working great.
    Keep in mind that the 50W maximum charge rate means that this is an entry-level LiPo charger; once you start using bigger LiPo packs (say 6s 2600mAh), you'll need to switch to a 150W charger (BC8, Accucel8, etc) to get reasonable charging times.
    The LiPo discharge rate is fairly limited on it (only 1A), so you won't be using it on full LiPos unless you have plenty of spare time.

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