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  • Thanks for the kind offer Charlie! I still haven't managed to get Arduino to iPhone transmission working with this board. I'm thinking there's either something missing in the instructions (they look like they were written for the original board that had a pot) or there's something wrong with my board itself. Unfortunately I don't have the right tools to really test further (outside of a multimeter).
    Let me know how you get on with yours!

  • So it looks like I had a cold solder joint on the pin header for FSKIN. Fixed that and can now receive data from the iPhone no problem. Works great!
    However, I can't send data from the Arduino to the iPhone. I checked my pins with a meter and have a good connection from the FSKOUT pin on the board, to the MIC pin on the board and also from FSKOUT on the board all the way thru to the 4th, top ring of the iPhone cable.
    If i connect a piezo speaker to the FSKOUT and GND pins on the Arduino side of the modem board, I can "hear" the data transmit from the Arduino to the board. If I connect the piezo to the GND and MIC pins on the iPhone end of the modem board, I don't hear anything when I send from the Serial monito - so it looks like the board itself isn't transmitting to the iPhone. Is there anything I can do to test further? Am I missing something obvious?
    Thanks for any assistance!

  • Total n00b question: I'm having problems getting this board to work at all. The URL that came with the kit is http://www.switch-science.com/trac/wiki/ARMS22-SOFTMODEM-HOWTO but the wiring instructions seem a little out - it references connecting "AIN1" to pin D7 on Arduino but there is no AIN1 out on the board - does it mean the VREF pin on the board? Is AIN1 a reference to the pot that was ARMS22's original schematic?
    Thanks for any insight!

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