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  • I have a xoom and a gal-tab.. I will certainly get information to you regarding this. I also have 3 different android phones (HTC, Droid 1, Droid 2)in hand and access to many others. Once I am able to get one of these, rest assured, you will have my input.

  • As someone that has been playing extensively with getting my phone to remotely control my Arduino madness, this just makes me tingle.
    Being an Android developer for only a year now, and until about 6 months ago, never put my hands near an arduino, I simply cannot wait for one of these to arrive at my doorstep.
    I have been able to switch some LED, change values/graphics on an LCD, send potentiometer information back to my phone (Etch A Sketch anyone?) all via bluesmirf. I have to admit, having something like this at hand will make all of this SO much more fun. As mentioned in other posts, the latency and bandwidth issues are somewhat hard to overcome when you want to do a LOT of things. But as a tinkerer, it is certainly a lot of fun. Especially when it comes to remotely changing the value on a charlieplexed led matrix. ;) 3rd brake light anyone? :D
    FYI - yes. It was done via the Amarino toolkit.
    Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait.

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