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  • Hi Guys,

    I have just GND and 3.3V connected and am getting nothing on the PPS pin. I am waiting for the GPS lock (NAV pin / LED flashing)

    Have tried with a 1k pulldown and without.

    Serial data from GPS on TX0 / RX0 is working fine.

    I have continuity between the solder fillet on pin 40 of the chip and the PPS pin on the header.

    I just want to quickly check there is not a firmware setting or something I should try before I get out the flux and try hitting the pin with the soldering iron.

  • If you want play with CAN in arduino you can also use the OLIMEX AT90CAN128 Eval board:
    Works out good value as you get a whole dev board for almost the cost of this sheild. And you get native CAN support.
    Only catch is you need to program the arduino bootloader to it, some instructions here:,53309.0.html

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