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  • I would appreciate if someone can tell me if this is a good starter fpga board. In other words, I am trying to learn the basics of fpga and want a fpga board that has good tutorials/material to learn about. Thus this board meet that criteria?

  • Please can someone help me by telling how to hold the treads together. I mean I see there the holes to attach to the links but they just keep coming apart. What are you guys doing to keep it together?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  • Nice!!!Congrats to Sparkfun team.

  • Just won! Finally after several hours of typing. Honestly these captches were just too terrible. I got captches that were having lamdas and deltas and Chineese syllables in there.

    At last won it. Thanks Sparkfun!

  • Nice stuff. Got it a week ago. Was able to fit it with ease. But what I don't how does the second grip (the one that is not connected to servo)suppose to move? Please if someone can give me some idea as to how the second grip suppose to move,I would appreciate it.

  • Please some one guide me here. I live in US and I was planning to buy the 434 MHz version of this watch. So my question is will 434MHz frequency work in USA, as it says worldwide, or I am better of by getting the 915 MHz which is dedicatedly made for US.

  • Hey Steve,
    I just bought this same ttl camera too but I was not successful in getting any response. Since you were successful receiving the picture, would you mind helping me out.
    I used the linksprite's datasheet to hookup my camera. Vcc to 5v, gnd to gnd, TXD to RX on arduino and RXD to Tx on arduino but where do you connect the 5th pin at (TX on the camera). I tried using the sample software provided by the linksprite but was not successful with that. It seems to me that the camera is not sending any data back because I keep getting message: 'PhotoOnce empty order queue'. I have also tried some code I found online but to no avail.
    Please help me out.

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