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  • Spectator safety is and should always be Number #1 priority. Unfortunately that means something had to give. Not having an aerial category this year is certainly a drag, but totally understandable. Things have gotten better over the years. I still remember the throngs of kids chasing after the quads at the early competitions around the Longbow building. All I could do was cringe. Hopefully something can be put in place for next year’s event and hopefully the FAA won’t intervene. :)

  • Agreed, STL (or STEP) files would be a plus.

  • Ooooh, possible swag too?

  • 404 on the MiP Proto Pack Hookup Guide …

  • 404 on the Hookup Guide …

  • This is why you log in and have everything ready to go beforehand. Better luck next time.

  • Nice, got one! Looks like it took less than 2 minutes for all of them to disappear.

  • Oh it’s going to happen! I’ve been looking at some, uh, innocent and sweet dolls (read: really creepy ones) on eBay to find a good one to work with. Part of this is to also get the more morbid kids to realize that you can still create some really cool stuff with electronics, no matter how dark your mind works. There are some very creative kids in school, they just need the guidance and supplies. Now if only I can get people to acknowledge that and approve some grants … urgh. Why is it so hard?

  • Here’s the fun part: it’s meant to go in a classroom, hence the ambient noise part. :) But that clip gave me another idea: proximity sensor. The only problem is, I had planned for this to be asleep most of the time (as in, the AVR goes to sleep and only wakes up every second or so to save on battery.) Having an active proximity sensor or microphone is going to negate that … Hrm.

  • This would be perfect for an idea a friend of mine has. They want a doll that has glowing red eyes. However, I’m thinking past that and pondering adding more interaction. If the doll gets picked up and moved around, it will wake up and scream at you. If it’s ambient noise goes to high, it’ll wake up and scream. I’ve just been researching audio modules lately, so this would be perfect for it.

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