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  • a single MaxM lights up my whole living room at night, i used a polycarbonate light fixture diffuser but when its blinking it is even noticeable in the bedroom which is upstairs and down a hallway from where the MaxM is located... you might be doing something wrong, or might have gotten a bad unit (but they are tested before they ship) cause these suckers are ridiculously bright...

  • I recently put a MaxM into an ambient orb project, I noticed this morning the green LED is "strobing" at a pretty high rate (not one of my programed modes).... so I swapped it with another MaxM that I had and is seems to be a bad LED as I swapped out the controller and the "strobing" issue remained present.
    any thoughts? These MaxM LEDs should be able to handle continuous duty with a 9v power source right? They aren't usually one color for more than a few hours at a time as the orb cycles through various modes throughout the day.
    Mike, this is a pretty new purchase can ThingM do anything for me?

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