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  • What is the “refresh rate” on the outputs?

  • I have a question about the performance of the IDG500 (and an answer to a previous post):
    So, I’m reading the gyro info through an ADC on an Arduino UNO, and using the following math to convert to deg/s:
    gyro_ds = (float(raw_adc)*VDD/1024 - g_offset)/g_sensitivity;
    where raw_adc is the analog signal, VDD is the reference voltage of the ADC (5000mV), g_offset is the zero-offset (1350mV in spec sheet) and g_sensitivity is the sensitivity (2.0 mV/deg/s, also from specs).
    That’s all fine and dandy, and I’m getting readings. However, when I shake the IMU (even slighlty) the gyros indicate rotation… the gyros are picking up linear accelerations… This is throwing off my calculations for attitude.
    Is this normal behavior? Has anyone experienced similar issues (and found a solution)?

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