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  • Just a heads up. I recently got the 'HID611' version of this board, and it needs some changes.

    From p3 of the manual it says: "In firmware version 6.10 and higher, the SPP profile is enabled by default" (http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Wireless/Bluetooth/RN-HID-User%20Guide-1.1r.pdf) Which is a bummer since people buy this module specifically to use the firmware as a keyboard, not a serial port.

    So you can either set it back to HID mode two ways: 1) using serial '$$$' and entering CMD mode, and send some further commands to change to HID and reboot. This needs to be done each powerup, and is tricky as it'll only enter CMD mode within a minute of the bluesmirf being powered up. I.e. if you use an arduino, which gets reset, the bluesmirf ignores config requests, and send those strings to your keyboard instead, which is either messy or disastrous depending on your application. 2) Wire from GPIO11 to high. This forced HID on startup, and you don't need to do any software stuff. Downside is that the board has no breakout for it and you need to solder the tiny wire: http://imgur.com/wLfY7T7

    Hope this helps, Gav.

  • I'm pretty disappointed that the breakout and example code won't allow us to do what the features say, and the DMP for this chip seems to be locked up secret info from invensense.

    Top of the list is: "Digital-output 9-axis MotionFusion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler Angle, or raw data format"

    Sparkfun, can I suggest you either: * Provide info on how to enable the DMP for this chip (not another in the series) or * Either Remove the references to DMP features on your product page or put in a disclaimer that they aren't currently available.

    I'm pretty cheesed that I purchased two of these breakout modules (specifically because they were supposed to do the heavy work on the DMP, not my microcontroller), and it looks like i would have been better off with another solution.

  • Since there seems to be some confusion about how to drive this board, I thought I'd post my soloution here.
    I used the sparkfun level shifter with the Arduino Nano (5V) and had no issues. Only trick is the level shifter needs a 1.8v power supply to avoid damaging the compass chip. Hence I had to tap a wire to the breakout board.
    Photo and information here:

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