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  • So you need your cell phone provider's APN?? It seems to me like verizon has a main one and then perhaps a more unique one [yourphone#] Which one gets used in the code?? Will you need to have a data plan on the phone you supply the APN of??? Or is it more general than that, allowing you to put the APN of any cell phone provider???
    I'd love to do this project but I don't want to get stuck because I'm on verizon with no data plan.

  • not too experienced with electronics, but very interested in this kit! I could be mis-understanding the power supply requirements, but it seems as though you don't carry a good power supply for this, namely 24VDC I mistaken? either way, what should I be looking for in a power supply? and also, will I need a separate power supply to mate the frequency counter with this??? thanks!

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