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  • The datasheet gives a nice tip about a way of reducing false triggers: "In consumer weather stations power can be saved and false triggers avoided by powering down the AS3935 based on humidity and pressure information." - Page 36 of v1.04 datasheet.

    About the interrupt routine: it's documented in the datasheet that a wait of 2 ms is required before reading the relevant part of the register. "Whenever events happen, the AS3935 pulls the IRQ high and displays the interrupt in the REG0x03[3:0]. Figure 44 shows the interrupt register. After the signal IRQ goes high the external unit should wait 2ms before reading the interrupt register. The interrupt bus IRQ is set back to low whenever the interrupt register is read out." - Page 34 of v1.04 datasheet.

  • Oh man it's huuuge! I hope we don't spoil it for anyone, at least not for something with huge sharp teeths. Like your dog. Or my geek pocket cutters... Or yeah, something like that.

  • Hmm, I think your pinout version is wrong, this is the results I got. It shall be vice versa! Pinout

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