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  • $800 tariff sounds like a lot...but you don't say how many switches you bought so you example does little to actually illustrate the impact of the tariff. How much is the switch?

    We import from China too (not electronic components). Yes costs will go up. which will need to be passed to the consumer in some cases. People that complain about these tariffs aren't seeing the (much) bigger picture, the long term impact. They just see costs going up and use that as another reason to hate Trump. Yes it's going to "hurt" short term. But in the long term, the economy will adjust and more manufacturing money will stay in the US. This will help the economy.

    I'll say 25% is a bit steep. I would have rather seen a tariff that started lower and increased over time to ease into it and give manufactures time to adjust. But it is what it is.

    SF takes pride in manufacturing their products in the USA and I respect them for that. They should use this opportunity to take that a step further and start sourcing parts and raw materials from the US too. Yeah sure it won't be easy. Business never is. That's what separates the failures from the successes.

  • I can't believe I haven't heard that joke before. It's hilarious!

  • KF7MBK here. I've never been into HF stuff (long distance), I typically stay on UHF/VHF/900MHz repeaters. Here in Arizona we have a great organization (AZ Repeater Assoc) that maintains the largest repeater network in the state. 36 repeaters at 13 different sites. The reason I mention this is because I find working with them in maintaining the equipment (all volunteer) is just as much fun as using my radios. Work involves getting access to places you wouldn't normally have access to, off-roading, and electronics! I actually joined to learn from these really smart people and now I am site engineer for one of our locations. I also got my tower climbing cert and now I'm one of the two tower climbers. Check out some videos I made..

    Repair trip

    New rack install timelapse

    Climbing 150 ft tower

    Anyway, it's just another aspect of Ham radio that may be of interest to people.

  • lol! This.

  • This product has a design flaw IMO. If you want to use this in a project, and put that project in a box with the screen showing through a hole in the box, the design makes it impossible to do because of the way the Photon mounts, it pushes the display away from any surface you want to mount it to.

    Here are my suggestions.. 1a: create a version that mounts the Photon on the back, behind the screen.

    1b: in either that version or another version, cut the board in half. It is totally unnecessarily large. Again, if you want to mount the display in a box so it displays through a hole, valuable faceplate real estate is taken up by the overly large board. (In my case I need room for the RFID reader)

    2: have a version that comes with the headers unsoldered. A slightly less attractive alternative to 1a/b is to allow the soldering of the headers to the back of the board and mount the Photon "upside down". (Requires manually installing headers pointing up on the Photon). At least then you can surface mount the display in a faceplate albeit with wasted faceplate real estate.

  • I was about to ask the same thing.. Waiting patiently..

  • Thanks for this! I was wondering why nothing was happening!

  • That's the only board they have at the moment in this frequency range.

  • It would be nice if you sold a TNC to U.FL so we could plug this into the RFID ready you sell.

    Edit: I see you sell a SMA to U.FL....That's more high frequency connections I'd care for, but it will do for now. Thanks for making this antenna available and such a reasonable cost.

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