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  • I have to disagree. Though I'm not sure what Intel was intending on adding to the Arduino line-up with the Galileo, what they did add was a board with some serious number crunching horsepower, I/O lines that make it easy to prototype (5V tolerant lines, Arduino shield compatible), and is easy to code for. I haven't found another board with ALL of those things. If there is another out there, please educate me.

  • After designing and building the first gnat-sized autonomous vehicle, The Irish Engineer (from Russian) soon realized that making field repairs/modifications to the device would be impossible.

  • I agree. It's the first thing I noticed.

  • It appears that, on the *8u2, pins 18 - 21 are broken out to solder pads.
    Am I seeing this correctly? (I sure hope so.)

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