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  • Oh snap.... genius :D

  • A prototype that needs to get finished pronto! :p

  • I love order histories, and I personally do not care that much if my order history is released to law enforcement in a limited fashion like the 20-odd orders in this case. The fact that you take the time to discuss it and are aware of the issues is pretty much all the reassurance I need to know it is being handled better than most other websites I shop at..

  • A surprising amount of webshops store credit card information in an insecure manner. It is something everyone should be aware of.

    Getting a second card for use online only is a nice line of defense. I have such a thing, and it is linked to a different account in my bank that only holds enough funds for small orders. If I need more I log into my ebank (using two-factor auth) and move fund (free of charge for my bank) to the right account. Fairly easy, and fairly secure.

    I got screwed once (by the Warhammer Online system amusingly...) and talked to my bank and they refunded me the money the same day.. even though the warhammer online buggers refused to handle the situation.

    It can be a hassle, but security and ease of use usually sit on opposite ends of a scale >.

  • Logrotate is spiffy ;)

  • Credit card skimming is 'scary' and usually leads to quick warrants.

  • Which makes me a happy bunny!

    Too many companies hoard data they dont really need and notice it when it all blows up in their face.

    This whole blog post is an excellent way to show the community your conviction on this and as I said it makes me a happeh bunneh :p