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  • How about The accuracy on the wind sensor etc ? Is anyone running this and Can I get the link to access the data ? I would like to compare with one of our high end weather stations nearby. I read Nate's tutorial.. I wonder that system still alive and transmitting the data. The reason I am asking one of my co worker told me this kit they sell on amazon with different brand labels and has some bad reviews. I have integrated Vaisala WXT 520, Davis wx and Onset HOBO above 2k price range weather stations for our customers with our proprietary hardware. Would like to interface cheap wx station like this on our current system ( or ardunio based open source system ) with some mesh networking if they want multiple stations and sell for school kids for a small price. I bought a cheap wireless lacross wireless weather station for $70 bucks on sale from costco with a gateway, Full price is $299. It is got everything mobile phone app, alerts system and etehrnet gateway, But it is hard to hack into that system to work with a development kit. The coolest thing is those sensors are wireless and easily you can mount. I haven't installed out door but other sensors work okay indoor ans set up is easy. But we need to build a kit where kids can learn about weather stations. My company already have a back end and front end to get the data to cloud. We all the system to support sensors But our price is because we don't have control over the off the shelf sensors We buy from 3rd parties. I need to know the accuracy of wind sensor etc before purchasing this. Idea is make a kit and target school kids specially to learn environmental monitoring not for profit. They can store data for free on our server and we can also provide data visualization on Google earth style open source map call Inteleview. Thanks If anyone can reply with more information regarding this product. I need to know the truth. Sometines people lie on the internet or they simply they don't know what they are talking about. Below is my company web address.

  • I wonder how much Flash memory and RAM Actually left after use of BlueRobin. ? I actually bought two of them. I want to use the LCD, acc meter and pressure sensor. I am not interested on chip RF. I want to add serial GPS to SPI bus through external SPI to UART chip. Might also add xbee 900 module too.

  • Can I attach two of Li Pol batteries ( 850 mAh or 1000 mAh ) in parallel to this charging circuit. Because I need more Amp hours for my project.

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