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  • Ah ah! Very good. As it turns out, I was unable to flash using the Arduino 1.0.5 IDE under OSX, however the latest 1.0.5 release for Windows appears to have flashed these with the "Serial 7-Segment Display" board selected. I will try the Lilypad board under OSX next.

  • Getting the same thing here. I've tried selecting both the Arduino Pro Mini 8mhz board, as well as the "Serial 7-Segment Display" board. I've tried both 5v and 3.3v FTDI (since the Pro Mini at 8Mhz is actually a 3.3v board). Didn't seem to make any difference. Would love to hear if you find a solution.

  • Has anyone measured the i2c bus capacitance on these devices? I'm trying to get a series of 8 of these working on a 40ft bus and I need to calculate the pullup resistor values, if it's even possible.

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