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  • I finished my cube tonight. This little kit is one that ranks high on the 1 to fun scale. It is really a neat little device.
    The instructions need to be revised in my opinion because the parts provided do not correspond to the build instructions and the circuit board does not match the board in the photos.
    I also did not follow the instructions on how to build the LED matrix. I think it is easier solder the lower plane to the board and then build up from there. I did use the suggestion on making a holder to place the three LEDs in for soldering together. I used a small box and made the holes in it. I built the bottom rows and put them on the board and tested each row as i built. Building it from the bottom up allowed me to test each row as it went on the assembly. I did manage to bend one LED wrong and testing each row allowed for an easy fix.
    I highly recommend this kit.

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