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  • I have the L6470 hooked up to an Uno and successfully send it dSPIN_Move commands, dSPIN_GoHome() and adjust acceleration. Config register confirms communication on start up but I can not get dSPIN_ABS_POS command to give me a location.

    Using the original dSPIN_example code the position returned from the driver was 0 and after updating to the new example code posted on github now i get 1 despite the command dSPIN_Move(FWD,

    Here is the solution code from tech support. Hope this helps

    int posn = 0; // Variable to hold the absolute position value dSPIN_Move(FWD, 25600); while (digitalRead(dSPIN_BUSYN) == LOW); // Until the movement completes, the // BUSYN pin will be low. dSPIN_SoftStop(); // Inserting a soft stop between // motions ensures that the driver // will execute the next motion with // the right speed. posn = dSPIN_GetParam(dSPIN_ABS_POS); // Calling the absolute position Serial.print("position = "); // Display that info Serial.println(posn); while (digitalRead(dSPIN_BUSYN) == LOW); // Wait for the soft stop to complete. Serial.println(TCNT1, DEC);

  • Didn't Lite Panels lock down the patent on using LED panels in the Untied States?

  • How do you cut the traces?

  • would it be possible to order the board with out the green or red LEDs? I would like to swap them with warm (natural) white super bright 5mm LEDs.

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