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  • I ordered three of these (TowerPro SG-5010) and there seems to be little or no documentation online for them. What documentation I did find was mostly wrong. In the end, I had to figure out the timings via trial and error.

    First of all, they rotate slightly more than 180 degrees, I’d say around 200 degrees. The PWM period is a servo standard 20ms,but the positional timings varied across all three of my servos. The maximum rotational position is achieved at around a 2.8ms pulse. Meanwhile the minimum rotational position is at around a 0.65ms pulse. You might want to try smaller or larger (respectively) values so you don’t try to position it past its maximum and stall the motor.

    In the interest of making this an all inclusive post, as noted by Funda, the wires are: Brown = Ground Red = Power Orange = Control (PWM)

    I hope this helps!

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