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  • PeterBa, great work. The software and tutorial you posted is way more useful than the one SF provided. Calibration is a little tricky, but once you get it, you'll wonder how you ever used the SF code without it.

    The product post should probably be amended to say: "Note: This product is a collaboration with PeterBa. A portion of each sales goes back to him for product support and continued development."

    Thanks so much for this great contribution.

  • Has anyone had the opportunity to test the newly uploaded AHRS code? I modified some of the old code but could not get the yaw to function properly. Curious if the updated code fixes that issue completely.

    I'm really hoping Sparkfun pulled through on this one. This board has really good potential.

  • The product description is extremely misleading. I understand that the unit ships with a test code. It also very clearly states that there is an AHRS firmware the allows you to use this as an AHRS.

    Upon not being able to get any kind of correct data out of the linked to AHRS code, I wrote tech support asking if I am doing something wrong. Here was the response:

    "...AHRS firmware is written by a 3rd party and has not been updated to use the ITG3200 yet. It also looks like in the past 6 months we've updated the magnetometer so its possible the code hasn't been updated for that either."

    I appreciate tech supports honesty and I wish the product description would have been half as clear because knowing what I know now, I would not have bought this unit.

  • Did you actually get the AHRS code to work? I've found that the code that is linked to does not support this version of the board.

  • Am I the only person that is not able to utilize the AHRS functionality of this chip? The 9DOF AHRS Code Base linked in the description is out of date.

    The SF firmware appears to work perfectly, returning reasonable value on all sensors. When you upload the SF9DOF AHRS 1.1, the gyro returns only zero values. It looks like the code in the link was last updated February 2010.

    Sparkfun, please help!

  • It looks like the datasheet link is broken.
    Does this module include a built-in antenna?

  • Will the WiTilt pair to an Android device? Are there any off the shelf apps that will allow you to read the serial output from this device on an Android device?