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  • For newbies like myself: a heads up. I've been trying to DAYS stubbornly trying to figure out why I couldn't get these shift registers to work. I had a simple sketch just trying to alternate 8 LED's on/off in sequence. As simple as it should have been, I was getting extremely frustrated at the seemingly random output I was getting. After trying a million different things to try to solve the problem, turned out that the pins didn't fit well enough into my breadboard. The IC was firmly in place and I never would've guessed it, but after checking continuity with a multimeter and holding down on the IC with a pencil, I realized my problem.

    Now that I've got it working, great product!

  • Should've mentioned time travel technology when drumming up funding for the teaching tour you guys are/were working on.

  • I had to log in just to upvote and tell you how awesome your comment was.

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