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  • I swear I'm not lying. I hold them with my fingers as I insert and remove cable. 2 other users of the thing I made with them have this problem, so it doesn't appear to be my clumsiness. I need something reliable and robust in the field with many users, so it's not for me. Mechanical is my only complaint. The board functions great and is electrically very solid.

  • I built up a new board using a new pro micro using superglue and the problem still develops fairly quickly. the connector just isn't up to handling stress force. I do have this in an enclosure which helps but it still happens. Using pro micro was a prototype solution only. long term I will design my own board and i definitely WILL NOT use a SM only connector. i plan to use a mini B through hole to avoid this problem.

    Just a warning to those buying these boards. That connector will likely break on you if you connect and reconnect a cable more than about 20 times.

  • can you give some more info for using with a Mac? in particular, what is location for the boards.txt file to edit in the leonardo stuff? I was not able to locate it. I did see the arduino .exe file but none of the supporting stuff.

    I'm a mac newbie, so I imagine this is a dumb question. wouldn't be the first time in my life.

  • USB connector is fragile. I reprogrammed my pro micro about 10 times and then the USB connector broke off the board, taking some traces with it. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the board. I'll have to figure out some way to get another connector on it. I followed the user guide for setup on a Windows 7 64 bit machine and it went just as advertised. This board is much faster to program than an Uno board that I have. On my windows 7 64 bit machine, the uno takes easily 60 seconds to connect and program. The pro micro does it in 15.

  • Hello. the link for Datasheet seems to be broken.

  • I want to power 8 strands of EL wire each about 1-2 feet in length. I may power 2-3 at the same time for brief durations (less than 1 second). Should I use the 12 inverter? ( COM-10469 ?)

  • I see in the data sheet that there is a 36 month warranty. Is there a spec for life other than that? Preferably in hours to which I can apply a duty cycle calculation?

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