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  • You'll need something between this and a display, whether it's a Raspberry Pi as seen in the product video (where you could display it on a TV) or some sort of microcontroller (Arduino or Propeller or some such) with enough capability to display the frames on a small LCD or generate your own TV signal.

  • It's 10x cheaper considering LWIR thermal sensors are going to be more than $1,000 (more like $5k or $10k and up), especially in quantities of 1 with no mass-production plans. And then a lens is a thousand dollar cost on top of that. And there's no breakout boards, or hand holding. With this you get a manageable SPI interface and 8 pins, and you can do anything you want with the data.

    Along with the support of libraries and a pretty simple interface, this thing is darn near a steal.

  • "Tyler, you switched off your targeting computer. What's wrong?"

  • Might be worth it for someone to check. The little stub looks a heckuva lot like the ones on keyboards.

    (Also I think Lefty400 doesn't know what he's talking about)

  • this is like the ball on blackberrys and such.

    No, this is hardly like the Blackberry trackball(er).

    Both are 2D, yes, and both use Hall Effect sensors, but this is a linear encoder, not a ball with two Hall Effect rotary encoders.

  • Ah, but if you didn't pay for it, it would evaporate(?) because it was never ordered, and thus never sent back in time. And then you wouldn't remember it arriving at all because you never have purchased it to have it sent back in time. I think.

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