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  • my complaint is they have redesigned this board because the old version was flawed, but they won't admit it. On the comments for the old board: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9623 I was told they new board was being put in place because the magnetometer was being changed, and not to fix any problems with the design. Now the new board is out with the same chip, and a new design for the board. I'm sorry sparkfun but you have lost a customer because your products are consistently flawed and you are dishonest. You have earned quite a lot of good-will in the community and it is unfortunate to see you spend it so irresponsibly.

  • It's unfortunate that you guys are intending to continue selling this product with the well known, and well documented problems that it has. I have to be honest, of the last 6 products I bought that were developed by Sparkfun, 3 have had flaws that made them unusable. I'm sure this comment will be ignored like other similar comments on numerous products on your site. Beware potential SparkFun customers.

  • It's great that a new revision is coming out, but is anything going to be done for those of us who paid $125 for this defective item?

  • Hey Sparkfun is it possible to get an update when the issues are resolved with these?

  • I'm assuming I can't use this to connect a lithium battery (3.7V) to my Lilypad (5V) without some kind of regulator correct?

  • Just received my kit but didn't include batteries. Might want to update this if they're not included anymore (unless this was a mistake!)

  • would love to hear what they say!

  • I am having the same problem. Following the tutorial here: http://web.media.mit.edu/~leah/LilyPad/06_rgb.html
    green is much much dimmer than the other colors and none of the output colours end up matching what is expected by her code. I tried different values and it looks like setting red and blue to around 10, while green is at 255 is closest to being equal. Makes this a bit unusable for me unfortunately.

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