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  • The 06204KP just came a few days ago and this is apparently the latest version of the kit. After I got the probe completed today, I checked the dso with the internal signal and everything looks hunky-dory. When I got the lcd module installed the evening before last, I got the dreaded “backlight on but nothing else”. A few random adjustments of pot1 (without concurrently viewing the screen) yielded no joy. The next morning I applied some previous experience and “exercised” the pot. Then, while viewing the lcd, I tweaked it around midrange and we had an operating dso. Yes joy!
    As you may have noted, the pot only has a range of maybe a turn or less. And best results seem to be found in a fairly modest range of adjustment. If you are stuck on the “backlit and nothing else” problem, try the pot. Gently find the limits and then zip it back and forth in that range maybe a dozen or so times. Get that lube, or oxide or whatever, out of there.
    I thought that jyetech did a pretty nice job on the design and execution of this little baby. The board is nice and everything fit well. That same level of skill is not present in the instructions. They should really spend a few yuan and get native speakers to help them with the docs.
    Take your time with the soldering. Enjoy the process and good luck.

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