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  • Product CEL-09607 | about a year ago

    Like others have mentioned, voltage regulation is an issue. The on board voltage regulator is easily fried from the 5v input from Arduino. Wish I had read the comments below. I’m pretty disappointed in sparkfun for selling what I think is a sub-par product.

    Other issue is the price, 100$. Other companies like open electronics and seeed studios sell GSM/GPRS shields at almost HALF the price with MUCH more features using a much more popular GSM/GPRS module, the sim900. Most of these also have compatible GSM/GPRS libraries.. Why did you guys even choose the SM5100B??

    I want to love you Sparkfun, I really do, I’ve been a loyal customer, I initially tried this shield TWICE (look at my order history) and gave up and have moved on to other manufacturers.

    Step up your game sparkfun, I want to love you again..

  • Tutorial - Beginning Embedded Electronics - 1 | about 3 years ago

    Why don’t the pictures work for this tutorial?

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