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  • Nice try Sparkfun, but next time you hype a big sale for your customers, you should probably have more server room so the sales queue doesn't get clogged. Also, have more than 15 items in stock (since there are no backorders allowed).

    I think companies that do this sort of thing do more damage to their public image than good. Instead of a good feeling about SparkFun, right now I'm feeling rather p*ssed off and cranky. Not feelings I'd want to encourage in customers. Humbug.

  • Ha! You know.... something like that. :)

    Thanks for the link!

  • Thanks! Upon further looking I may decide to go with the MP3 board just for more storage/triggers (R2 has a lot of sounds!). But your explanation still holds. Incoming order soon!

  • Hey there! Looks like a fun little board. One question, though (and please keep in mind I'm new at this). Is it possible to trigger these sounds via remote control? I'm currently building an R2D2 robot and looking for a way to play sounds. This board looks good but I'd need to be able to trigger the sounds from a remote control and also in response to onboard signals from the R2 (i.e. if the proximity detector sees an obstruction, tell the WAV trigger to play a sound).

    Any suggestions on a (preferably easy) way to accomplish this?

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