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  • These are just long. The pic indicates that the pins are only 11 mm long. Some people are looking for the 15 mm pins which (another) site has as P/N RS1-08-G-.561-A11596. So maybe just call these "long" or call the longer ones "ultra long"?

  • I found out from an Instructable and from trying it that you pick the board you're trying to program, not the board (i.e., UNO) that you are programming with. Just FYI for anyone reading this.

  • Tried that a few times, but maybe didn't hit the right time slot. I WAS able to use an UNO board with the processor removed, jumpered over to it. Just picked Pro Mini with the correct processor and speed and it worked first time! At least I know it's not a bad board!

  • I just got one of these to work with a 3.3v interface chip. However, I cannot get it to program with any of the USB-TTL breakouts I have. i don't have FTDI - only the PL2303HX-based versions. I can do loopbacks on these boards but they will not program the pro mini. Is there something else that I have to do when using one of these alternatives? They don't bring the DTR out - just RX, TX, GND, and VCC (which I don't connect because it's powered off the breadboard).

  • What did you select as the board / processor in the Arduino Dev Env?

  • Now you need to make an untethered one that has a little microwave tower to beam energy to it.

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