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  • No, the hole is not threaded.

  • Easy kit to solder together, I've got very little soldering experience, I was blown away by how much easier this was to solder with the correct solder than the beastly large stuff I've been trying to use on everything else. It still took me about 45 minutes to get all together, but I was being pretty meticulous and checking pretty much every joint.

    My desoldering skills need work though, I forgot to mount the 10k resistor until after I soldered the headers to hold the LCD to the control board. It seems in trying to get them apart I've destroyed both boards :( Glad I picked up an IC socket so I can at least salvage the ATmega 328 by just pulling it out. Practice my obviously lacking desolder skills on the rest of the components and eventually order another of these to play with.

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