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  • Thanks for the response. Apologies for very basic questions, but I’m trying to figure out what my shopping list needs to be in order to use this sensor board in the lab and at altitude.
    - HAB board
    - Openlog board
    - FTDI basic breakout
    - SD card
    Do I need something like the Arduino Pro or Mini? Many many thanks again and in advance for all your help.

  • I’m a newish electronics student trying to use this board in a high altitude balloon project and have some very very basic questions. First and foremost is: what is the best way to communicate with this board? I ultimately want to log data to an SD card, but first would like to find some way that I can access the data from the board on a computer.
    Many thanks in advance!

  • I have some of the same questions and several other very novice questions.
    I’m a beginning electronics student and am starting work on a HAB project using Sparkfun’s HAB board. My newbie question is: how do i talk to this board? I have no problem digging into code, but would very much like to find out the best way to access the data stream coming from the sensors. My goal is to get this board to log to files on an SD card, and would much appreciate any help that anyone can throw my way!

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