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  • I think it will be easier to correspond via email, thanks for taking the time and effort to help me out!

  • Thanks! The transmit power is low because the 900mhz modules were donated to me and I'm testing the range for him, and since the Radiometrix 10mw modules can go over 100 miles (i've heard) I thought this may be possible. They are EasyRadio 900mhz transcievers with -110dBm of receiver sensitivity. My primary tracking means is a SPOT II I've good success with, so this is more of an experiment. So with this scant setup, I'd be looking at a strong helical for the ground reciever, and a 9dbi patch on the payload? Thanks for all your help!

  • I'm planning my second launch up in the next few weeks and I'd appreciate your help on antennas. From what i read above you recommend a patch antenna with a groundplane behind it for around 9 dbi of gain ideally, and use a low symbol rate of 9600 buad, yes? I plan for just broadcast communication using a 900mhz module to a ground station, somewhere around 1-5mw of power. What would you recommend for the ground station antenna? Also if the connection is good, i might try some two way communication as well. What would you recommend in that case? Sorry to badger you with so many questions, this stuff is hard to find answers for. Thanks!

  • A robot interacting with a civilian through the high-5 handshake routine.

  • Ahh, now I has the power between my jaws. Master will do as I say if he wants the contents...

  • Just fixing the ol' vik-o-meter before battle.

  • I like the simplicity of the Captcha and had fun, but all in all it was a very monotonous way to do freeday. I like the quiz idea the best. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Putting the fun in Sparkfun.

  • Sparkfun's best customer showing how he plans to make it back to the mothership using every item Sparkfun has ever carried.

  • I just used this receiver in a high altitude balloon project and it performed fantastically. With battery backup it gets a fix inside in just a few minutes, outside almost instantly. It tracked its position within 5-10 feet up to an altitude of 90,000 feet when the balloon popped. The only piece of electronics I never had a problem with during the whole development process. Sorry to see its retirement coming soon, it's such a good unit!