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  • Washing is nothing special. Commercial boards are always washed (in everything from a specialized washer to simple home-type dishwashers) after production. If the chip didn't work after being washed, then it wouldn't be fit for commercial use. And, if you Raspberry Pi has more functionality (unless you define functionality as clock speed) than your ATMega, then you're doing it wrong.

  • If you like magic in your "Hackers of the Old West" novels, look up the Mistborn series.

  • Please do not use the silver/black fabric tape on ducts. It doesn't work well, and is probably prohibited by building codes in your area, for good reason.

  • Someone posted the full-size product photo as the thumbnail?

  • The ATX specification gives the minimum current on each line. The kit ought to come with loads that meet those requirements.

  • Note: only the .NET MICRO framework is like that. The Compact framework and the full-on framework always JIT compile to native code.
    Because .NETMF is Apache-licensed, someone ought to implement a JIT for it...

  • Wouldn't the SOIC version on this breakout be significantly larger and more expensive than just using the DIP version?
    Indeed, I note that this is 2x the cost of your own DIP version, and significantly larger as well. I don't see the point?

  • I just bought one of these, seems like that's the sort of thing you're looking for.

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