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  • Unfortunately, these aren't very easy to use and actually fried both of my soft membrane pots. They didn't close properly, and when I did get them to close without bulging, the pins easily slipped out. It's possible that I didn't install these correctly, but I'm not sure how many ways there are to put these on. Just a word of caution when looking to buy these...

  • Hey guys,
    First of all, I just wanted to say how awesome your company is. I was well informed throughout the entire ordering/shipping process, and the products arrived very quickly. You guys rock! Now, on to a tech question: I have a MP3 trigger (which works beautifully) and I have that connected to an Arduino Uno. I have it setup using the NewSoftSerial library and it works like a charm. Everything works exactly how it should. BUT, when I have a tiny Radio Shack speaker connected to the output with an 1/8" plug, it seems to be somehow interrupting the Hardware Serial print function. Weird, right? Is there some sort of power issue going on? Does the MP3 trigger use more juice when it knows a line out is connected? It's not the code because I can sit there and run the program with the speaker connected and get nothing from the Hardware Serial, but as soon as I physically pull the plug for the speaker out of the MP3 trigger, the Hardware Serial outputs exactly what it should. If you any info or insight as to what could be going on, I would love to hear it...Thanks again for being an awesome company!

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