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  • Hi there! I'm looking to experiment with Rust on this board. To do that, I'll need to take advantage of the JTAG connectors. The JTAG holes look to be closer than the normal connection. So two questions: how would I go about using this mini-JTAG connection to hook up to a programmer? Secondly which programmer do you sell which works with this board?

    EDIT: I have since learned that JTAG connectors are generally small like this. So this is standard and should fit the normal ribbon cables. The question still remains if something like the J-Link EDU Mini Programmer will work to program this board?

  • Can this thing run code compiled by Rust? What a match made in heaven that would be. I'm sure you're aware, but for a reminder there's a guy (japaric as he's known online) who's done a lot of work with getting rust to run on ARM uCs. Resources like https://rust-embedded.github.io/book/ have been very helpful. Anyway, what do you think?

  • After watching the video and looking at the description, I realize I have no idea what any of these terms are or what this hobby involves. Does sparkfun have a primer on this sort of thing (not even sure what it's called)?

  • I don't see anything about buying spectator tickets yet! Are those coming soon?

  • I bought part PRT-10471 which was replaced with PRT-11856 and was looking to write a review. I don't think the changes were that drastic, however, I'm unable to review.

  • Aah! a new search box position!

  • Have you thought of carrying LeafLabs' new Maple Native that was recently released? It's in beta, but I think it could still give many makers a nice computational edge for those projects requiring it. In my case it could be something with Kalman Filters for, say, a self-balancing robot or segway.

  • I know exactly what you're talking about when you say, "customers' inner yearning to make things themselves." Even though I love the idea and products of Arduino, I wanted to build my own little development board from scratch. Figuring I'd start simply, the uC I'm using is the AVR ATtiny84. Here's mah blog outlining the process! EDIT: and here's part 2

  • I think around .3 - .4 Amps each.

  • I am always impressed at the way Sparkfun encourages learning and broadening the scope of people who enjoy embedded and other electronics. Keep it up!

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