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  • Sorry to be “that guy”, but you misspelled Kickstarter in the section regarding the Arduino video game shield.

  • Eh. I ordered them anyway. I received them today. In case anyone else was wondering, it’s pretty stiff. The Young’s Modulus would be more in the range of hundreds of MPa rather than low MPa or even KPa.

  • Why? What’s the difference?

  • Okay wait, what?
    “December 23rd, 2011 - in observance of Christmas Eve (December 24th)
    - December 26th, 2011 - in observance of Christmas Day (December 25th)"
    Those are your listed holidays. It sounds as though you have the 23rd and 26th off but are at work for the 24th and 25th. Am I being too literal?
    Oh and thanks. I was getting tired of always calling in saying I needed it shipped out the same day. :P

  • To any Materials Science and Engineering people who have seen these: What’s the Young’s Modulus of these bumpers?
    This is totally a serious question. If the Young’s Modulus is high, then these aren’t squishy, but if the Young’s Modulus is low, these behave like marshmallows.
    I’m considering using them as risers for my laptop, which gets to about 80C (yeah, Celsius) underneath. If they’re really squishy, then they couldn’t support my laptop, and the laptop would simply sag down onto the table again.
    Edit: Or I could have just asked: How stiff are these?

  • Hey guys! Can anyone recommend a very high-gain antenna for this? I’m trying to get the full 40 miles (even though that’s probably not going to happen, I’d rather get as close to it as I can…).
    I don’t think SFE has any high-gain RPSMA antennae… I looked on Digi’s website, but I don’t know which one I want… All I know is that the transmitter could be pointing any which way.
    Thanks in advance, guys!
    Edit: I read through Wikipedia’s High Gain Antenna page. I guess it isn’t possible to have a high gain antenna that isn’t directional… Interesting. Can anyone suggest one anyway? Thanks.