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  • AR Drone works like this, but without bouncing through an internet server. Watch out for latency, but with a decent autopilot it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Are there any plans for another release of $7 boards? I joined the electric imp mailing list a few days back but haven't heard a peep.

  • Cool, the scripter sounds like it will fit the bill for OneWire. I suppose you could also bit-bang RC5 infrared codes with it too. Yeah the VM is a must have, just a shame there's no real-time IO, but you can clearly offer more "value" with the higher level features. Kudos on the product BTW. I'm way jealous I wasn't involved :)

  • Darn, I didn't realise it was a VM. Looking forward to a new firmware push with native OneWire support. ;)

  • So, can I write my own bit-banging code, or are there timing limitations (like with the netduino) that make it impossible at the moment?

  • Can the Electric Imp support OneWire protocol?

  • The ATTINY85 should have more than enough codespace to concurrently run a USB bootloader (e.g. BootloaderHID) along with the existing USB datalogging code. Now if only I could get the V-USB projects to run in AVR Studio...

  • This board is a little finnicky to plug in. I wonder if it would work better on a 2mm PCB instead of 1.6mm. If you measure a USB connector they are generally around 2mm thick. Also have you guys considered using an ENIG board which may contact better than their current HASL finish?

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