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still alive and kick'in in the chicago area...


automotive engineering, qualtiy, and warranty support throughout the us, canada, mexico, and europe.


automotive industry

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  • sure appreciate your help yesterday, Mikeā€¦ we are milling the pcb today!!!

  • sure appreciate your help yesterday, Mike... we are milling the pcb today!!!

  • Mike,

    Everything is as it should be. All layers look fine... top and silk layers are seperate as they should be. I followed your steps and the component silk graphics are on tPlace and not on the top layer. Using viewplot the component graphics still come up as top layer. We tried another cam view and got the same results. I am totally frustrated at this point and time. Any further ideas???

  • thanks for the relply... we are going to mill the pcb here in our lab as soon as we get this figured out. i finished the layout - it looks great. i used the sfe-gerb274x.cam file and then used the viewplot to view the gerbers. i pulled up all the main gerbers that are described here. That's how i discovered the physical silk screen layer was included with the top layer traces... shorts throughout the pcb. when running the cam processor, i did get a warning that more than one layer was active. i'm not sure if this is the cause of my issue. appreciate more feedback. thanks - jeff

    also: i'm having problems posting on here - keeps asking me to open or save post.json

  • clarifying my last post... when i open up the gerbers in a gerber viewer (i've used 2 now with the same resules.

  • i'm a first time user. i did the schematic just fine and then laid out the pcb. i downloaded the sparkfun library beforehand. everything is good, except that the top silkscreen that looks like the physical component comes up on the top layer. so, the pins of the IC's are all shorted. any help is appreciated! thanks!

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