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Member Since: March 7, 2011

Country: United States

  • I bought 2 pcduinos not long ago. One for portable and one for my living room. I bought 3 Anker Astro3E external batteries (Amazon) to power my pcduinos and monitor. The portapcduino is attached by hdmi to a Lilliput 7in HD Camera Monitor (Amazon). I have a Lenovo N5902 wireless keyboard with an integrated mouse (uses a USB dongle to communicate). What’s cool about my setup is that I use only one USB slot for mouse/keyboard. The other usb port can be for the pcduino wifi card (which I plan to buy shortly). When I want to program at home from the comfort of my couch I have an Actiontec wireless HD Video receiver and transmitter pair. I mounted the HDMI cord from the receiver to my HDMI slot on my Samsung big screen. Then attach the transmitter unit to my other pcduino. I can then hold the Lenovo keyboard in my hands and two thumb my way around the pcduino! Lots of fun! This is great, all I have to do to switch is unplug the single Lenovo dongle.

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